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App15 Jun 2023

Multi Moment - Badge06

Guess what time of week it is? Yep, you guessed it right. It’s Multi Moment time and, we’re back and better than ever! Every week, as we sit down to write out Multi Moment article, we think it can’t possibly get any better than the previous week’s superstar... but, guess what? Time after time, we are proven wrong.

Now, you may be wondering, what has the icon, the legend, Badge06 been up to on Dabble to be featured on the best part of our website? Well, fear not – we have all the juicy tea (obvs). So, strap in, grab a snack (or a double cheeseburger meal with a coke zero, whatever tickles your fancy), and get ready to witness the absolute HEAT that Badge06 served up.

But before we dive in, we have a little surprise for you. Stick around until the end of this article because we are about to reveal the highest number of copy bets in Dabble history. You didn’t think we would forget now did you?*

Anyways, back to the star of the show – Badge06 (we weren’t trying to steal the spotlight - maybe a little, but don’t tell anyone). Let us set the scene for Badge06’s epic multi that just went bang! It all started on the 11th of June when the Cronulla Sharks clashed with Melbourne Storm at AAMI park.

The odds? A whopping $251. So, what did this legendary multi consist of? Well, there were 4 legs and while it may seem simple in hindsight, we all know how fast multi’s can go downhill. But Badge06 was unfazed and here is what they bet on:

  • Xavier Coates to score 2 tries ✅

  • William Warbrick to score anytime ✅

  • Teig Wilton to score anytime ✅

  • Reimis Smith to score anytime ✅

And, guess what baby, they all pulled through. Pew Pew! Did you expect anything less from Badge06? Cause we definitely didn’t. Side note: Xavier Coates has wasted no time in making a tremendous impact in the purple jersey of Melbourne Storm and we are impressed to say the least.

*Okay, so drum roll please... the long-awaited reveal of the highest copy bet is about to be dropped. We hope you are ready for this, because we certainly were. Any guesses? Well, without further ado, the most copied bet in Dabble history had a staggering 3,258 copies. Talk about a slayyy!

Until next time, dear Dabblers, keep chasing those epic multis. Don't have a Dabble account? Um, well here is the link (shameless plug, don't at us)!

xoxo Gossip Girl.