Live Streams - BEST Biscuits Of ALL TIME
App13 Jan 2023


It’s probably the most important debate of all time – which biscuits are the best? Well, at Dabble we tackle the big issues! Josh Jeans breaks everything down in his recent Live Stream. If you missed it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the transcript and video below:

I gotta kick off the show with this one. I saw it pop up today – the biscuit chat, you never really know someone until you hear their choices do you. A bit outrageous, let's go to the biscuit channel, biscuit banter.

How has the first comment been about Chicken Crimpy being the ultimate biscuit...It's not even in the top five Shapes flavours.

Stevo says he likes digestives, that's weird, yeah okay cheese and bacon is pretty bad. Darcy Rankin says he doesn't like Tim Tams, that's shocking! Haley B, I can see why when we were joking about this impossible engagement between you and Darcy, I can see why you're a bit hesitant.

There's a clear top five in biscuits. I think, when I think of biscuits, I'm thinking I'm thinking sweet, I'm a sweet tooth as you can probably tell, but I'll put a savoury biscuit in the top five.

Tick tocks, oh yuck! I saw this, Wagon Wheels a biscuit? Is it?

Barbeque is going in number five, it's my favourite shape flavour! If you come to a house without Barbecue Shapes, if you choose another Shapes flavour, my honest reaction is he missed out, they're off the shelves. If you bring Chicken Crimpy, I'm thinking it's cyclone season in North Queensland, you know they've taken everything else off the shelves and Chicken Crimpy’s left.

Number four, I'm going Tim Tam Caramel. Chuck it in the fridge let that goo, you know, get a little harder, dip it in for sure. I'm going Tiny Teddies at number three, I think no one's put Tiny Teddies in the chat and that is just out of control.

Number two has to be Mint Slice! Why has no one said that? It's a little bit classier, it's a little bit different. And the best biscuit which is just so underrated no one, this is maybe I'm just on it because no one else is, uh that's the sort of guy I am, I just discovered the little gems – it's the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies the chocolate coated, or chocolate dipped from Coles.

They're so good! Grow up...I never will.

Mint?! Are you kidding? Oh, I've left the Scotch Finger off, that's all right. All Sports, you know what, I think that's a good call. Scotch Finger is taking the place of...

Oh no I'm not getting rid of Tidy Teddies, I'm getting rid of Barbecue Shapes. It's not really a biscuit it's a savoury snack. Geez, tell you what I thought, I thought the people loved me. I've gone, this is the true me is coming out and everyone's off me.

If words aren't your thing, check out the video below: