Dabble Best of Banter - Is Dabble Rebranding
App8 Aug 2023

Is Dabble Rebranding?

Guys, it is finally happening! We will now be addressed as “D”, “Dabble” is long gone...

No, we are just kidding, but have been spicing things up here at Dabble HQ, can you guess what we are talking about?

Yep, that’s right! Dabble has finally received a well-deserved makeover that is sassier than ever! And let us tell you, we are living for every pixel of this upgrade! Our branding has always been top-notch, but a little sparkle never hurt nobody.

If you have been Keeping Up With Dabble, then you know we have brewed up some serious magic. From mind-blowing in-app features, the best Dabble Day to date, to the ultimate lineups of events – we have seriously taken the year by storm. And this makeover? Well, that is just the icing on the cake. We have said it once, and we will say it again – 2023 is all about embracing those good vibes and Dabble is catching the groove like a boss!

But wait, what about our signature purple, you ask? Worry not, because the purple reign is here to stay! But brace yourselves, because we are throwing in some of the hottest colours at the moment, just in time to kick off the Spring Carnival season (oh, and you know that it is our favourite time of the year).

To all you hardcore Dabblers (and if you’re not, no worries, because we are about to win you over), you have probably caught winds of change sweeping through our app and website 🫶. But here’s the kicker – this is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Brace yourselves for a whirlwind of colours taking over EVERYTHING in the coming months.

Hold your horses though, because your favourite Dabble features aren’t going anywhere. Yup, they are here to stay, dominating the social betting scene like the true game-changers that we are. When it comes to setting the bar, we don’t just raise it, we throw it out the window and build a new one. 😉

And hey, fam, we’re all ears! Drop your thoughts on our sizzling new hues over in the Banter Channels. Your feedback is like gold to us, seriously. We have even carved out a VIP spot just for your genius ideas – if you’ve got a brainwave, unleash it there! Because, well, your vibes shape our tribe.

This is proving to be a Dabble history-maker, and we’re not slowing down for anything, baby. The future is looking real bright, and our Dabbler’s are on board for the ride of their lives. Feeling the FOMO? Don’t sweat it, because if your haven’t hopped on the Dabble train yet, it’s high time you did – because Dabble is not just an app, but an experience.

Lot of love x