Heating Up With Same Race Multis - ThomasBrasselWA
App9 Aug 2023

Heating Up - ThomasBrasselWA

ThomasBrasselWA is back and better than ever, baby!

This superstar has graced our Popular Punters section before – if you missed our cracker article, no worries, catch it right here!

Now, what’s the scoop since our last tête-à-tête with ThomasBrasselWA from the land of endless exploration? Brace yourselves, because they are now leading a whopping 38,651 followers. That is a jaw-dropping surge of 14,651 new Dabblers. Round of applause for ThomasBrasselWA! 👏

But, hold up, being a Dabble OG and a total rockstar isn’t all that ThomasBrassalWA is up to. They have been setting that stage ablaze with their Same Race Multi’s, and let’s be honest, we have been soaking in the glory like a sun-drenched beach day. 🏖️

ThomasBrasselWA must have ventured into a deep voyage, because these multis are like gifts from another galaxy (see what we did there?) They could almost buy a chain of gold with all their winnings – talk about making it rain in style.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of these explosive multis, let’s talk about a major highlight. Brace yourselves, because the two Wyong meeting multi’s attracted a grand total of 239 copies combined. That’s right, hats off to all you daring Dabblers who put faith into ThomasBrasselWA’s strategic genius.

Okay, to now reveal what you have all been waiting for... how much were these multi’s paying. Hold you horses, because you might just drop your jaw (we know we did). ThomasBrasselWA’s Wyong Full Card Selection with a dazzling 8-leg lineup boasted odds of $121.77. Not impressed yet? Wait till you hear about the second multi, featuring their favourite four runners, with odds of $17.66.

Looking for a new Dabbler to ride with? Our money’s on ThomasBrasselWA, no doubt. Head on over to the Dabble app and check out their profile for a sneak peek into their winning action.

And, if you have just joined the party, guess what? Same Race Multis are now a thing on Dabble – yet another reason to dive headfirst into the Dabble fam if you haven’t already. Siri, queue “Rich Flex” by Drake and 21 Savage.

And we can’t close off the article without giving a massive shoutout to ThomasBrasselWA for being an absolute legend! Thanks for being you, because you are amazing! Wow, we should just start a ted talk... thoughts? 🥇

Stay amazing!