Heating Up - sdk
App9 Aug 2023

Heating Up - sdk

“It is getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your......” 💃

Hold on, don’t crank up the heat just yet, it’s still winter down here in Australia! But het, things are definitely heating up – thanks to sdk who has been setting the stage on fire with their electrifying same race multis. 🔥

Now, how did sdk manage to make us want to shed our racing hats? Oh, trust us, we have got the inside scoop. This is where we shine the brightest, so if you haven’t going to Dabble fam yet, where you at? Ready to dive into the action? Hit this snazzy sign-up link.

Picture this – the sun beaming down at the Cannington racetrack as sdk struts in and notches not one, but two mind-blowing same race multis, flaunting odds that are hotter than a summer’s day. Psst, sdk, did you tap into the 88 Lionsgate portal for this luck? We’re linking for some manifestation tips from you, for real! ☄️

But enough about that luck mojo, let’s get back to the multis that just went BANG. Sdk pulled off a jaw-dropping combined odds of $195.00. That’s not the 88 Lionsgate portal, but pure wizardry right there. Both of these multis strutted 4 legs each, making us wonder if sdk’s lucky number is 4... which is coincidentally half of 8. Are we onto sdk’s secret formula?

Oh, and did we mention that sdk predicted which greyhounds would sizzle in the top 4 spots. Talk about prediction prowess.

Let’s break it down by race, and here is sdk’s golden rundown:

Cannington Race 12

👑 6. Jeep Broker to place first.

👑 7. Mungo Miss to place top 3.

👑 1. Gray Grey to place top 4.

👑 8. Prime Country to place top 4.

Cannington Race 2

👑 2. Moment With Hope to place top 2.

👑 3. Outstride to place top 3.

👑 4. Zen Tokyo to finish top 4.

👑 6. Dynamic Mac to finish top 4.

Sdk, you’re a shining star in our eyes, and honestly, a gold star of approval sounds like the perfect accolade for you. Maybe that is the next feature we will drop in the Dabble app? 🤔. If you haven’t already we think you should head on over to the Dabble app and give sdk a follow, and who knows, maybe even try copying one of their bets (if you dare).

Until next time, stay cool 😉 and keep slaying those multis.