Heating Up With Same Race Multis - kukimonsta14
App11 Oct 2023

Heating Up - kukimonsta14

Hey guys, do you want to know a really cool fact? C is for cookie, but K is for kukimonsta14. Welcome to another sizzling episode of Heating Up, and guess who’s hogging the limelight? Yep, you got it – kukimonsta14 is the superstar of the show. Libra season is all about embracng your main character energy, and kukimonsta14 is doing just that – and slaying it!

Kukimonsta14 is super chill and has been ruling the game here in the Dabbleverse. You know when a fresh Heating Up article hits our Trending Tipster section, you are in for a treat of pure fire.

Kukimosta14 served up more than just cookies to the table – that is a given. We are talking 3 massive multis that just went BANG! Now, we know that it can be struggle street to make sure that all of the legs of your multis pull through, but kukimonsta14 made it seem like a piece of cake. Or should we say cookie?

Let’s take a peek at the magic that kukimonsta14 conjured. Two of the three multis were in fact Same Race Multis – oh, and in case you missed it, we now have Same Race Multis on the Dabble app! The other was a 5-leg racing multi spread across five different races at the Bendigo racetrack.

We are sure that you are dying to know the odds of these scrumptious multis – and fear not because we have got all the juicy digits. Multi 1 - $107.12, multi 2 - $50.00, multi 3 - $21.00. If our math is on point, that is a combined total winning of $178.13. Talk about some serious cash mulla 🤑.

Kukimonsta14 raked in some serious P’s, and that is why they get to have their very own article on our Trending Tipster’s page! If you want to check out some other Dabblers that have shot for the stars and aimed for the moon, then click right here.

We totes think you should open the Dabble app on your phone and hit that big ol’ follow button for the one and only kukimonsta14. Because, well, a friend is someone to share the last cookie with and we know that there is plenty cookies to go ‘round.

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