Heating Up For The NRL Finals - Dozer_316
App12 Sep 2023

Heating Up - Dozer_316

We have got a severe case of the finals fever, baby. 🏆

With the upcoming footy and NRL finals, you better believe the Dabble app is lit 🔥 with some absolute cracker multis. We mean, did we expect anything less from our Dabblers? Absolutely not!

As we gear up for the finals weekend, trust us, it is going to be one for the books, we even have a very special even to celebrate. But before we dive into all of the action, let’s talk about a sizzling multi cooked up by the one and only Dozer_316. Brace yourselves, because this multi is like a 7-course meal – and you know what they say about the number 7, right? Luck, luck, and more luck! 🍀

Now, this multi didn’t just come with 7 great legs; it also had a cracker bet description to match. Did you know that you can add your very own customisable bet description to all your bets and multis on Dabble? No? Well, now you do, and that is just one of the many reasons why Dabble is the BEST!

But let’s get back to the multi. Sometimes, we get a bit sidetracked – oopsie! Dozer_316 really hit it out of the park by picking 7 winning options for the NRL, racking up massive odds of $102.56. That is some serious P’s - we are starting to sound like we just stepped out of TopBoy. But honestly, who can blame us? TopBoy has us all in a chokehold right now – and we are totally here for it!

Now, here is the real kicker – this multi didn’t just make Dozer_316 $102.56 richer; it also made 16 Dozer Dabbler’s just as wealthy. Thank you, Dabble, for blessing our feeds with the Copy Bet feature. We absolutely love seeing a multi moment with copies because it means more people are sharing that sweet taste of victory. 🥳

Dozer_316 has been an active part of our Dabble community for some time now, and we are all about supporting cool Dabblers like them 🆒. If you haven’t hit that follow button for Dozer_316, consider this your official invitation to join the party on the Dabble app. We are 110% sure they would love to be your Dabble bestie!

Now, if you are still on the fence about joining the Dabble party, take this as your sign! The universe is practically throwing signs around like they are hotcakes. Just click this sign-up link to create your very own Dabble account and dive headfirst into all of the fun. Trust us; you won’t want to miss out on this one!