Heating Up - Chinski
App8 Nov 2023

Heating Up - Chinski

Chinksi has been dropping wins left right and centre, ready to make you shout ‘BANG’ from the rooftops. 💥

Now, if you are new to Dabbletown, you should know that ‘BANG’ is the magic word when a Dabbler’s multi hits the jackpot – or, you know, just goes wild. And let us tell you, these Chinksi multis has us at hello. Siri, play “Hello”, by the Stafford Brothers! Brb, we need to have a singing break.

One of our favourite sayings of all time “You can’t win, unless you play”, is pretty much our motto (we would totes claim it as our saying, but we can’t do that). We are pretty sure Chinkski would totes agree with that philosophy.

Oh, and btw, did you catch the news? Dabble had just unleashed its NBA SGM Tracker, so you can keep your head in the game all NBA season long. Yep, you heard it here first! Check out this cracker article for all the deets.

That is enough fluff for one day, let’s have a look at the mark that Chinksi has been leaving in Dabbletown – we will never give you up, never going to let you down (wise words, thank you Rick Astley) and that is exactly what Chinski did 🏩. We are talking not one, not two, but five massive multis, all with odds over $100.00. That is a cracking effort right there if we must say ourselves.

Wanna know the juicy deets? Of course, you do! Here they are:

  • Multi 1: 21 legs, $254.71

  • Multi 2: 21 legs, $165.19

  • Multi 3: 19 legs, $$195.05

  • Multi 4: 25 legs, $143.98

  • Multi 5: 13 legs, $226.00

You know we would move heaven and earth to be together forever with our Dabblers, but these wins are giving us some serious cha-ching vibes, baby! 🤑

What a feelin’ Chinksi must have been feeling after these multis popped off. And, how are we feeling? Well, if we could turn back time then we wouldn’t be feeling FOMO, FOMO, and more FOMO. But don’t worry, it is not too late! If you have got that FOMO too, open up the Dabble app on your phone and hit that follow button for Chinksi. Who knows what they might pull off in the future?

Dabble makes it a breeze to copy trending bets with just a tap of a button. Pick the multi or bet that you fancy, click that copy bet button, and boom – you are in the game! After all, we are the home of the social bet, and we make it easy as pie. 🥧

And, if you don’t have a Dabble account, then take this as your sign. We have whipped up a handy dandy sign up link, right here.