Heating Up With Same Race Multis - Brooksy99
App25 Jul 2023

Heating Up - Brooksy99

Welcome to our brand-new segment – Heating Up With Same Race Multis

We thought that it was pretty fitting, given the absolute fiya that you guys continue to produce week in, week out. Also, not to mention that Same Race Multis, just hit the Dabble store and we are super excited to showcase the heat that hits Dabble Island – in honour of the new season of the Love Island.

Positive vibes is all that we wanted to manifest for 2023 and nothing but positive vibes have been demonstrated through the hottest release of the year (maybe the century, but that’s a bit steep). We can confidently attest that SRMs absolutely popped off in the Banter channels on launch day – check out all the action here.

You maybe be wondering, what Heating Up is all about? Well, it is pretty simple – Dabblers that have been heating up within the Dabble app with their fiyaaa Same Race Mult bets. Kind of like a Multi Moment but just with some extra spice. 🌶️

The first Dabbler to enter the Dabble Villa is Brooksy99 🎉

Brooksy99 came in hot with not one but two SRMs that absolutely were too hot to handle. Lana was very impressed and handed out some big dollars for these multis. While we are on the topic of Too Hot to Handle, maybe we should start ideating our own reality tv show on an island somewhere tropical. Hmm... sounds very, very tempting. 🌴

Let’s have a geeze at what Brooksy99 picked for their SRM and coconuts these multis really are:

Cannington Race 12 at $180 with 4 legs to place in the top 4:

🔥 2. Pedro’s Me Dad

🔥 3. You’re Busted

🔥 4. Call Me Trinity

🔥 8. Hello I’m Kit

Townsville Race 8 at $50 with 3 legs to place in the top 4:

🔥 1. Tap Out Mickey

🔥 2. Young Rob (surely this one was named after Rob Kardashian – probs not)

🔥 5. HenryK Bale

We are having major FOMO right now, with all this talk of Islands and coconuts, who else wishes they were on a tropical island sipping a mojito? Cause, we know we surely have been daydreaming all day long.

Go on, chuck Brooksy99 a follow, or even better (if you’re not already), sign up to Dabble – cause why not? Same Race Multis are just one of the things that make Dabble so darn cool. Anyways, stay tuned because you never know what good things are around the corner when it comes to Dabble.