Heating Up With Same Race Multis - bale
App13 Sep 2023

Heating Up - bale

BANG, BANG, BANG... Went bale on the Dabble app! 💥

Okay, we will admit it; cheesy lines are our guilty pleasure 🧀, and we are unapologetically addicted to them. A Dabble article without a good ol’ cringeworthy joke or pun? Nah, it just wouldn’t hit the same!

Now, if you are a newbie around here, hi, how are ya? 👋 Welcome to our vibrant community hub, where we roll out the red carpet for our Trending Tipsters, Popular Punters, totally awesome events, Best of Banter, and much more. Today, though, we are turning up the heat with our “Heating Up” segment. Here, we shine a spotlight on those dabblers who have set our virtual Dabble world ablaze.

This time, it is all about Same Race Multis, and let us be real with you for a sec - ever since we unleashed this incredible feature, it has taken off like a SpaceX rocket 🚀. You call almost call us Neil Armstrong 😉. And, leading the charge is none other than bale, our freshest Trending Tipster, who just nailed a jaw-dropping Same Race Multi win. We had no choice but to write an article about it; it would have been rude not to!

Now, onto the juicy details. This banging Same Race Multi consisted of four legs and unfolded at the electrifying Gawler racecourse during Race 3. Bale’s predictions? On the money, my friend, with odds as sharp as a well-tailored suit, sitting pretty at a cool $150. We can practically hear ‘Money, Money, Money’ playing in the background... 🤑

Let’s break down those four legs and why it is a masterpiece of Dabble art: 5. My Nonno Fio, 4. Demi Rose, 7. Bruce’s Angel, 8. Blue Horizon. We were almost convinced bale could be the fourth Charlie’s Angel with this incredible feat 👼. What do you think?

Now, if this steaming tea isn’t enough to make you sprint (yes, sprint!) over to the Dabble app and smash that follow button for bale, we honestly don’t know what will. They deserve some serious lovin’, and the Dabble community is the place to make it happen. Go on, we know you want too!

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