Heating Up With Same Race Multis - antos1995
App3 Aug 2023

Heating Up - antos1995

Antos1995 has been heating things up on the Dabble app this week with an absolutely epic same race multi that left the crowd too stunned to speak – well we were stunned, that’s for sure!

Don’t know what we are talking about? Well, where have ya bean? Let us fill you in. Antos1995 strutted their way to the top with this one that is for sure. We are being way too punny today, we need to chillax. We like to think that we are pretty funny... anyways.

This same race multi was a prime asset for antos1995, boasting massive odds of $270.00 - and no we aren’t capping. We only deal in facts, baby! Antos1995 brought their A-game with this same race multi – all fact, no fiction, on purr. 💅

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the 4-leg same race multi for Doomben – Race 8 (which is located in the sunny state of Queensland). Ah, we could use some of that sunshine right now, that is for sure. Antos1995 is truly a mastermind, picking the top 4 horses to place – which is no small feat, let us tell you that.

The top 4 horses to place in Race 8 were: 3. Prime Asset, 7. Hyde, 13. Start Stuttering, and 15. Where ya bean. Yep, you can see where those puns came from now, hehe. What an epic finish it was for Antos1995!

So, if you’re on the hunt for an up-and-coming Dabbler to follow, why not head on over to antos1995’s profile and show some Dabble lovin’. We’re all about sharing the love with our fam over here. Plus, antos1995 is a true sports lover, so you might just have a thing or two in common... but, you will never know until you check them out!

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