Dabble Best of Banter - Filter Your Feed...The Right Way
App16 Jun 2023

Filter Your Feed...The Right Way

It is official... Feed Filter’s have just launched on Dabble. 🚀

Thought Dabble couldn’t get any better? Well, baby, it just did. Feed Filters give our mighty Dabblers more control over the bets they see on the feed page so that they can more easily find and copy bets (which means you will never miss a thing, thank us later!) We take feedback from our Dabblers very seriously, and this was something that y’all have been asking for a hot minute, so you know we had to deliver the goods.

We also have a dedicated Banter channel in app where you can drop your feedback and big ideas so if you think that you have the next big idea, jump into the channel and let your inner spirit shine.

Anyways, this article isn’t about plugging our Banter channels – so, before we get sidetracked again let’s get back to the good good stuff. Feed Filters... what is it? What does it look and feel like? Well, we think it is the beez kneez, but of course, we’re biased.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from our newest in-app update. Remember, you must have the latest version of the app (1.6.0) to have access to our hottest update.


  • Filter your bets by either ‘racing’ or ‘sports bets’.

  • Next to go – sort bets by next to jump.

  • Price – Sort pending bets by highest price.

  • Trending – combines logic of most copied and next to jump resulted bets (which gives you the best of both worlds, as you scroll).

Our Dabbler’s have been absolutely loving our new update and the proof is in the pudding, baby. We dropped the update last Friday, and you know that the Banter Channels were absolutely popping off. You just have to be in there to experience the vibes.

Now, you may be wondering what is next. Well, that is totally top secret for now, but what we can say is that we have some exciting in-app drops coming in hot (we really like the use of the word “hot” today don’t we 😉).

As we close off this long-awaited article – (it took us a little e to get around to writing it up – sorry, we‘ve been shuper busy), but you know what time it is. It is time to plug the Dabble app because, hey, that is what we do best. So if you have yet to join the Dabble family, what are you waiting for?

Stay fierce and fearless our Dabble friends x