Dabbles Best of Banter - Dabble's Sharebet Randomiser Is Fire
App15 Aug 2023

Dabble's Sharebet Randomiser is Fire

“Hey, it’s me Dabble. I’m in your texts now... and look what I have... A cheeky bet for you to copy!” 🎟️

You have just received a very (in)formal invitation from Dabble to start sharing your bets with your best mates by just clicking one button, talk about innovation at it’s finest. But hey, when Dabble is involved, spicing up your share bet is always on the menu.

Our Dabbler’s have been loving the Sharebet feature, and we thought, how about we kick it up a notch? Introducing the Sharebet Randomiser – our brainchild that adds a dash of excitement. Now, when you are ready to share your bangin’ bets with your best mates, you can sprinkle some extra flavour 🌶️ and choose from a random bangin’ text to accompany your bangin’ bet or multi.

Now, if you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen... We are only joking, but if you are afraid of the spice, that is totally cool! You can stick to our default text 🥛 - we have got options for everyone’s tastebuds. Just don’t blame us if you can’t handle the awesomeness of this new feature! 🤷

Not sure how to share your bet? Well, it is simple, let us break it down for you. Open up the Dabble app, tap on your profile (it’s down there on the bottom right), find the bangin’ multi that you’re itching to share, and spot the share button on the upper right-hand corner of your bet.

Give it a tap, and voila, you’re in the sharing game. Like they say, sharing is caring, and we are all about sharing the love here at Dabble. So, if you haven’t given bet-sharing a whirl, why not give it a shot? You will be collecting some serious browning points in no time, and trust us, bragging rights will be included!

We may not be playing DJ Khaled, but our Share Bet Randomiser is the 🔥 real deal. Not into the bet-sharing groove? No worries, like we said earlier, we have something for everyone! We have got a whole stash of other goodies over on the Dabble app, including our freshest addition – Same Race Multi’s You can check out all of the goodness, here.

So go ahead, channel your inner Tomioka, and let the bet-sharing fiesta begin!

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