Dabble's NBA Tracker is Changing the Game
App6 Nov 2023

Dabble's NBA Tracker is Changing the Game

Ladies and gents, hold onto your Dabble hats because Dabble’s NBA SGM Tracker is throwing some major game-changing free throws! We are talking about a tool that could even give Troy Bolton a run for his money – how about that for a slam dunk!

You know us, we are all about delivering exactly what our Dabblers crave. And, this NBA SGM Tracker has been creating waves that make Dabbletown the place to be. Cue a celebration dance 💃.

Whenever we roll out a new feature (remember our Sharebet Randomiser? You can check it out here), it is always a big, big day! While we couldn’t throw a physical launch party (Bazfromfinance said no), we had the incredible pleasure of watching the excitement unfold in our Banter channels. Release day vibes are always off the charts! 🥳

Now, if you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen... We are only joking, but if you are afraid of the spice, that is totally cool! 🌶️ But if you like your NBA season with a dash of spice (we are absolutely living for it, btw), our NBA SGM Tracker just turned up the heat for all our Dabblers.

Okay, in case you are not entirely sure what our new NBA SGM Tracker is all about, here is the lowdown. Dabblers can now track their Player Prop stats LIVE, in-play, right in their Pending Bets (look for it on your profile at the top tab). No matter where you are, you can keep your head in the game.

And it gets even better, Dabble really delivered on this one. Dabblers can also check out the stats in their Resulted Bets. 🤯 Mindblowing, right? Oh, and it is also available for all Same Game Multi’s and Single bets, so you will be in the know for the get-go. Trust us; you won’t miss a beat this NBA season on Dabble.

We might not be a part of the East High Wildcats, but our NBA SGM Tracker 🔥 is the real deal. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so keep those eyes peeled because you never know what surprises Dabble has in store.

Not into tracking your NBA SGM? That is totes cool, we still have everything else that you need over on the Dabble app including Banter channels that you can jump into whenever, wherever, and loads of other cool feature.

Don’t have a Dabble app? Don’t want to suffer from that dreaded FOMO? No worries, click this link and create your very own personalised Dabble account and experience the difference.