Dabbles Best of Banter - Dabble's Hat Game is Too Hot Too Handle
App21 Nov 2023

Dabble's Hat Game is Too Hot Too Handle

Hey there, Dabblers! 👋 Did you know that we have got some of the snazziest, coolest merch round town? Seriously, it is not just a fashion statement – it is a way of life. We have previously spilled the tea on our merch mania, and guess what? We are back at it because our Dabblers just can’t stop ranting and raving about it!

Now, if you are a regular in our Dabbleverse, ThomasBrasselWA is no stranger to you. If you are not in the know yet, you better catch up right here! ThomasBrasselWA dropped a gem in our Banter Channels and it was just way too good to not shout it out.

“Hats are 🔥 I’ve copped a free beer at my local cause the manager is on Dabble & has won a few bets from me” - ThomasBrasselWA, 2023.

Hold the phone, folks! That is the kind of coolness you don’t witness every day. It made us feel like proud Dabble parents – we are halfway to changing our names to Kris Denner at this rate... get what we did there? Hehe 😉.

You know that we lowkey fangirled when we saw this comment, because well that is just so cool. Seeing this kind of vibe out in the real world is what Dabble is all about – a community not just thriving on the app but spreading its magic beyond too! 🪄

Remember our epic NRL grand final event back in October? Well, it was our very first event were Dabblers rocked iconic Dabble hats personalised with their usernames. Yep, you heard that right, we even had to snag one for ourselves they were that good. If you are curious for more juicy even details, peek here.

Take this as your sign, that if you don’t already have your very own Dabble Cap then well, maybe it is time to get one!

Now, if you are itching to get your hands on one of our famous Dabble caps or maybe even something else a tad fancier, dive into our article mentioned earlier – it has all the deets on how to snag one. Psst, we have one last thing to say: keep your peepers open because Dabble is brewing something big, and it is coming in hot. 👀

No Dabble account yet? No problemo! We like to keep things easy, breezy. Just click this nifty link and presto, you have got your very own Dabble account – easy as pie!