Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week
App9 Oct 2023

Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week October 9, 2023

Welcome one and all! Dabble’s Live Streams are a very important feature of our app, and mannn – there are a lot of things that go down. Anything can happen, we don’t call them Live Streams for nothing. Whether you know all about our Live Streams, or you’re a noob, this weekly article is for you.

We’ve got your guide to what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams. All the details you could ever need are here about each stream. And what’s even better? This is a weekly guide! Meaning we’ve totally got your back and will have your guide each and every week, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

So, without building the suspense for another single second, let’s see what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams:

Live Stream #1: Jake’s Take

What: It's Wednesday, you know what that means? Yes, we wear pink, but also, it's time for Jake's Take! Follow Jake down the yellow brick road as he builds a multi and tips the dogs! Jake has developed a community of loyal followers, but don't worry if you aren't a follower yet – there is always room for more!

When: 7-8pm, Wednesday October 11, 2023

Who: Jake Barker-Daish and Adam White

Where: Banter channel

Why: This week Jake is joined by Adam White! Where will the pair take us this week? Well, we can't reveal all our secrets, now can we. Also, we don't actually know what's going on. It's on a need-to-know basis, and apparently, we don't make the cut 😂. But with these two at the helm, we know we are in save hands.

Live Stream #2: Josh Jeans & Friends

What: It's the night you've all been waiting for; Josh Jeans & Friends night. Can we get a whoop-whoop? Josh Jeans & Friends is all about our Dabblers, and Josh is here to make sure we spend the full hour talking all about you. When the show is all about you, why wouldn't you want to come check it out?!

When: 7-8pm, Thursday October 12, 2023

Who: Josh Jeans and Dean Watling

Where: Banter channel

Why: We are getting into the nitty gritty of Spring Racing Carnival now, and we know all our Dabblers are looking for the latest and greatest info. Sooooo we've got Dean Watling joining Josh Jean & Friends to give the people what they want! If you want the latest goss, you'll have to tune in on Thursday.

Live Stream #3: Friday Knock-Offs

What: It's Friday Knock-Offs, same-same, but different. How is it different, we hear you ask? Well, Josh Jeans is no more, it's time for some fresh blood – our amazing JC (or TheBoardBettor as you may know him) is taking the reins. Let's see what he can do!

When: 3-4pm, Friday October 13, 2023

Who: TheBoardBettor, Peter Hooley and Tiffany Krylov

Where: Banter channel

Why: A different host, but don't worry we still have a stellar guest star line up. We have not one, not 30, but two special guest stars joining TheBoardBettor on the Live Stream – Peter Hooley as well as Tiffany Krylov. The trio all bring their own special flava and we can't wait to see what goes down.

Live Stream #4: Tap The Bookie

What: Wait a second, hold up a minute – this is not Saturday Racing??! Wat? That's right people, we are changing things up again. Soz if you don't like change, but we know you are going to looooove this. We've got Josh Jeans back as the host, and we can't wait to hear what our Dabblers think about this brand-spanking-new Live Stream.

When: 1-3pm, Saturday October 14, 2023

Who: Josh Jeans, Jack Jenkins and more

Where: Banter channel

Why: If you missed Josh not hosting Friday Knock-Offs, no need to stress because he is back hosting Tap The Bookie. And you know who else is going to join him? That's right; Jack Jenkins! There are actually more special guest stars, but we want to leave a little mystery, and also get you to watch the Live Stream! We know you're intrigued now; the suspense is killing you! It's okay, it's almost Saturday (right, right?).

So, there you have it peeps! All the details you could ever need on all the Live Streams happening this week. We know you don’t like waiting, so in the meantime, why don’t you head on over to our Banter channel to pass the time before the first Live Stream of the week kicks off.