Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week
App8 Nov 2023

Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week November 6, 2023

Welcome one and all! Dabble’s Live Streams are a very important feature of our app, and mannn – there are a lot of things that go down. Anything can happen, we don’t call them Live Streams for nothing. Whether you know all about our Live Streams, or you’re a noob, this weekly article is for you.

We’ve got your guide to what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams. All the details you could ever need are here about each stream. And what’s even better? This is a weekly guide! Meaning we’ve totally got your back and will have your guide each and every week, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

So, without building the suspense for another single second, let’s see what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams:

Live Stream #1: Jake’s Take

What: It's a big week of Live Streams, especially after our special extra Live Stream on the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday! We're back to usual programming with Jake's Take giving you all the good feels on Wednesday. Now is the time to build a multi with Jake and tip the dogs!

When: 7-8pm, Wednesday November 8, 2023

Who: Jake Barker-Daish and Kat Sasso

Where: Banter channel

Why: This week Kat Sasso is joining Jake's Take. The two have been together on Live Streams before and we all know just how much you love them! So, give the people what they love, we say! There's so much to talk about, so make sure you are on your A-game and let's get cracking, shall we.

Live Stream #2: TheBoardBettor

What: TheBoardBettor is back again to take us through all the ins and outs of the NBA season. The In-Season Tournament is ramping up, and we all want to know who is going to win! So, let's wait to hear what TheBoardBettor has to say, why don't we.

When: 4-5pm, Thursday November 9, 2023

Who: TheBoardBettor and Peter Hooley

Where: Banter channel

Why: If we're talking NBA, then it only makes sense to have Peter Hooley back in the saddle as the special guest star of this Live Stream. The pair will dissect all the latest and greatest happenings in the world of the NBA. As always, there's lots to get through and get excited about, so tune in this week on Thursday!

Live Stream #3: Friday Knock-Offs

What: Do you love chatting about sport and having a laugh? Yes? Good! Friday Knock-Offs is the Live Stream for you! Join Josh Jeans as the host as we all count down the hours until it's the weekend. We don't know exactly what's going to be covered on this week's Live Stream, but one thing is for sure, we know it will be epic.

When: 3-4pm, Friday November 10, 2023

Who: Josh Jeans, Dane Swan and Jack Jenkins

Where: Banter channel

Why: It's double trouble for Josh this week as he is joined by both Dane Swan and Jack Jenkins. The trio will obviously capture the attention of all Dabblers for the one hour they are allotted. And while it is indeed only one hour, they plan to make the most of it! We can't wait for you to tune in and hear what they have to say.

Live Stream #4: Saturday Racing

What: While the Melbourne Cup may be over, and the Spring Racing Carnival is winding down – one thing never changes. There's a winner in every race – we just have to go out there and find it! This week on Saturday Racing, join The Cast Patrol as they make it their mission to find our loyal Dabblers some winners!

When: 1-3pm, Saturday November 11, 2023

Who: The Cast Patrol

Where: Banter channel

Why: It's the two best things in the history of the world if you ask us – Saturday and racing. So, we've combined them to create Saturday Racing. And there's still some key Group 1s for us racing fans to sink our teeth into. Have some fun and a little cheeky banter while having a punt on the races!

So, there you have it peeps! All the details you could ever need on all the Live Streams happening this week. We know you don’t like waiting, so in the meantime, why don’t you head on over to our Banter channel to pass the time before the first Live Stream of the week kicks off.