Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week
App27 Nov 2023

Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week November 27, 2023

Welcome one and all! Dabble’s Live Streams are a very important feature of our app, and mannn – there are a lot of things that go down. Anything can happen, we don’t call them Live Streams for nothing. Whether you know all about our Live Streams, or you’re a noob, this weekly article is for you.

We’ve got your guide to what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams. All the details you could ever need are here about each stream. And what’s even better? This is a weekly guide! Meaning we’ve totally got your back and will have your guide each and every week, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

So, without building the suspense for another single second, let’s see what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams:

Live Stream #1: Jake’s Take

What: You know what time it is? It's time to build a multi with Jake Barker-Daish and tip the dogs! We know that's our favourite time of the week, why not make it yours! Jake’s high energy and community engagement means there is a loyal following every Wednesday waiting to see what's going down this time.

When: 7-8pm, Wednesday November 29, 2023

Who: Jake Barker-Daish and James Van De Maat

Where: Banter channel

Why: It's celebration time people, because this week we've lined up James Van De Maat to join Jake on the Live Stream. Yep, that's right...it's greyhounds galore on Wednesday! Hopefully the dogs are just as entertaining as this duo will be. We'll find out soon enough, now won't we 🤩.

Live Stream #2: TheBoardBettor

What: It's your new favourite Dabbler, TheBoardBettor, back again for his Live Stream, TheBoardBetter. Annnnd what we lack in creative thinking for the name of our Live Stream, we make up for in content in the actual Live Stream, that's for sure! So, now is the time to get ready for your weekly dose of what TheBoardBetter thinks about the latest happenings in the NBA. Are you ready? Really, truly ready?

When: 4-5pm, Thursday November 30, 2023

Who: TheBoardBettor and Tiffany Krylov

Where: Banter channel

Why: Why should you watch TheBoardBettor this Thursday? Do we really need to convince you? Well, apart from the fact that TheBoardBettor will be gracing us with his presence, we've also got Tiffany Krylov joining in on the fun as well! Talk about a dynamic duo. You'll easily get your NBA fix from this trusty Live Stream!

Live Stream #3: Saturday Racing

What: And all too quickly, we wrap up the week of Live Streams with this beauty, as we go through all the key races for Saturday. It's the first Saturday of racing in December, and the silly season is well and truly upon us. So, let's get silly with The Leg Up! Two hours of a silly season spectacular awaits you.

When: 1-3pm, Saturday December 2, 2023

Who: The Leg Up

Where: Banter channel

Why: The power of three has arrived, in the form of The Leg Up! The trio are back again to take you through two hours of Saturday Racing. How many winners will they tip this time? It's all a mystery until Saturday. Damn, we wish we had a crystal ball to tell us what's going down🔮!

So, there you have it peeps! All the details you could ever need on all the Live Streams happening this week. We know you don’t like waiting, so in the meantime, why don’t you head on over to our Banter channel to pass the time before the first Live Stream of the week kicks off.