Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week May 8, 2023
App8 May 2023

Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week May 8, 2023

Welcome one and all! Dabble’s Live Streams are a very important feature of our app, and mannn – there are a lot of things that go down. Anything can happen, we don’t call them Live Streams for nothing. Whether you know all about our Live Streams, or you’re a noob, this weekly article is for you.

We’ve got your guide to what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams. All the details you could ever need are here about each stream. And what’s even better? This is a weekly guide! Meaning we’ve totally got your back and will have your guide each and every week, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

So, without building the suspense for another single second, let’s see what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams:

Live Stream #1: Jake’s Take

What: Much happiness! The great Jake Barker-Daish is back again this week, so we can continue with normal programming. By now Jake's fans all know what goes down each week. But if you're new, guess what you get to do? No really, guess! You'll find out if you're right or not on Tuesday between 7 and 8pm...

When: 7-8pm, Tuesday May 9, 2023

Who: Jake Barker-Daish and Kat Sasso

Where: Banter channel

Why: We simply cannot contain our excitement – get the party poppers ready because this week Jake will be joined by sports presenter Kat Sasso. It's sure to be an interesting chat about all things soccer, and we look forward to welcoming Kat to the Live Stream alum on Dabble!

Live Stream #2: Josh Jeans & Friends

What: That's right people, Josh Jeans is back! If that doesn't get your blood pumping, then nothing will, and we think you need to go to the doctor to get that checked out. It's an exciting Live Stream, because we will be talking about something we know you love – YOU!

When: 7-8pm, Wednesday May 10, 2023

Who: Josh Jeans and Pete Hooley

Where: Banter channel

Why: Former NBL star, Pete Hooley, is here this Wednesday for community night with Josh! Many chats and special treats are to be had. You seriously don't want to miss this. Last week this was one of our most popular streams. Everyone loves chatting in the Banter channel when Josh Jeans & Friends kicks off!

Live Stream #3: OlanTekkers

What: It's Thursday, so that can only mean two things. One - it's only two days until the weekend, and two - it's OlanTekkers Live Stream day. We will be talking about all things NRL today, and obviously there are many things to discuss. Magic Round anyone, anyone?

When: 7-8pm, Thursday May 11, 2023

Who: OlanTekkers and Matt Bowen

Where: Banter channel

Why: This week OlanTekkers is joined by Matt Bowen, former North Queensland Cowboys player. So, who better to go through all the main stories to come out of Magic Round. And what's more? We all know it's getting close to State of Origin, so let's make sure there's lots of chat around that as well!

Live Stream #4: Friday Knock-Offs

What: Footy chat live with all the Dabblers you know and love, hosted by none other than Josh Jeans. It's that time of the week where you kick your heels up and get ready for a massive weekend ahead. Whether it's a busy weekend out and about, or a weekend spent glued to the TV watching endless amounts of sport, you've got to kick it all off with Friday Knock-Offs.

When: 6-7pm, Friday May 12, 2023

Who: Josh Jeans, Heath Shaw and Dane Swan

Where: Banter channel

Why: Well, well, well, we are in for a treat this Friday aren't we. Josh Jeans will be joined by two AFL stars, Heath Shaw and Dane Swan. Nothing could possibly go wrong right? We certainly don't envy Josh Jeans keeping those two on track on a Friday night...

Live Stream #5: Saturday Racing

What: It's that time of the week when we only have one Live Stream left. But don't worry, we'll all be back next week to do it all again! Saturday Racing, it's on a Saturday, and it covers everything to do with racing. Lots of experts will be joining Josh Jeans, and of course helping our Dabblers go bang with some winners.

When: 2-5pm, Saturday May 13, 2023

Who: Tommy "Poppins" Hughes, The Cast Patrol, Sam Hyland and Tim O’Connor

Where: Banter channel

Why: We know you love Saturday Racing. How? Well, the numbers don't lie – and this Live Stream is by far the most viewed stream we put together each week. We've got a nice little group for you this week, with Poppins hosting, along with The Cast Patrol, Sam Hyland and Tim O’Connor all joining in on the fun as well.

So, there you have it peeps! All the details you could ever need on all the Live Streams happening this week. We know you don’t like waiting, so in the meantime, why don’t you head on over to our Banter channel to pass the time before the first Live Stream of the week kicks off.