Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week May 15, 2023
App15 May 2023

Dabble Live Streams – What’s on This Week May 15, 2023

Welcome one and all! Dabble’s Live Streams are a very important feature of our app, and mannn – there are a lot of things that go down. Anything can happen, we don’t call them Live Streams for nothing. Whether you know all about our Live Streams, or you’re a noob, this weekly article is for you.

We’ve got your guide to what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams. All the details you could ever need are here about each stream. And what’s even better? This is a weekly guide! Meaning we’ve totally got your back and will have your guide each and every week, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

So, without building the suspense for another single second, let’s see what’s on this week in the world of Live Streams:

Live Stream #1: Jake’s Take

What: It's time!! After two long, Live Stream-less days, the first Live Stream of the week is here to rock your world. And who better to bring in the new week than Jake Barker-Daish? So, if you're new to Jake's Take, what can you expect from the Live Stream? Well, lots of fun (obviously) but also, it's your opportunity to build a multi with Jake and tip the dogs!

When: 7-8pm, Tuesday May 16, 2023

Who: Jake Barker-Daish and Adam White

Where: Banter channel

Why: Jake's guest this week is White, Adam White. Adam White is a sports broadcaster and also played cricket for Victoria. Obviously, there is a lot to discuss, so make sure you don't miss out on this week's Live Stream. Jake has new guests every week, which always helps keep Dabblers on their toes!

Live Stream #2: Josh Jeans & Friends

What: Oh, Joshy you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow our minds. Hey Joshy, hey Joshy! Yep, that's right Josh Jeans is back once again for his first Live Stream of the week. And what's even better? He will make an appearance in three streams this week! Josh kicks off his busy schedule with Josh Jeans & Friends, where all things Dabblers are talked about.

When: 7-8pm, Wednesday May 17, 2023

Who: Josh Jeans and Adam Cooney

Where: Banter channel

Why: Another Live Stream, another Adam joining as a special guest. And this time we've got former AFL star, Adam Cooney. Yep, the Adam Cooney who won the Brownlow Medal in 2008. It's pretty much an unmissable Live Stream for all our Dabblers who are AFL fans, or fans of Josh Jeans...

Live Stream #3: OlanTekkers

What: OlanTekkers is here to start getting you pumped up for the weekend. There's just one more working day because we all get to kick our feet up (sorry to all our shift workers who are reading this, we can't even begin to understand your pain...). Every week we get closer and closer to the most important time of the NRL season, State of Origin time, and OlanTekkers has got some thoughts!

When: 7-8pm, Thursday May 18, 2023

Who: OlanTekkers and Mark “Spudd” Carroll

Where: Banter channel

Why: TikTok star OlanTekkers will be joined this week by Mark “Spudd” Carroll. This means the Live Stream will be about the NRL, topped with more NRL, and sprinkled with a little bit more NRL. There's always a story to tell when it comes to the NRL, but you'll need to tune in on Thursday night, so see what story is told!

Live Stream #4: Friday Knock-Offs

What: Whoop, whoop! It's Friday! Not only does that mean the weekend kicks off, but it also means we get to see Josh Jeans for the second time in Dabble's Live Streams – in Friday Knock-Offs. All the laughs and sport chat you need to start your weekend off the right way.

When: 6-7pm, Friday May 19, 2023

Who: Josh Jeans and Peter Hooley

Where: Banter channel

Why: Well, hello there Peter Hooley, welcome to Friday Knock-Offs! We are excited to have the former NBL player join Josh for this week's edition of Friday Knock-Offs. As is always the case with Friday Knock-Offs, it's your place to find sick footy chats, and this week there's bound to be some basketball chats as well, the NBA Finals, anyone, anyone?

Check out some of the shenanigans that went down last week on Friday Knock-Offs:

Live Stream #5: Saturday Racing

What: Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. We know it's a little sad when we get to the final Live Stream of the week, but there's still a lot to smile about, because you've got a juicy three-hour stream coming your way, and then next week we do it all again! Tune into Saturday Racing as the Dabble team go through all the key races for the day.

When: 2-5pm, Saturday May 20, 2023

Who: Josh Jeans, Miles Pfitzner and Jack Jenkins

Where: Banter channel

Why: It's Saturday Racing, and we get to see Josh Jeans (for the third and final time), along with special guest stars Miles Pfitzner and Jack Jenkins. Talk about a top-notch team! This is the Live Stream for you if you love Saturday and racing. We put the two things together, and we've made something pretty special, if you ask us.

So, there you have it peeps! All the details you could ever need on all the Live Streams happening this week. We know you don’t like waiting, so in the meantime, why don’t you head on over to our Banter channel to pass the time before the first Live Stream of the week kicks off.