Dabble GP - Dabble to Survive
App5 Apr 2023

Dabble GP - Dabble to Survive

It was one of the best Dabble Events of the year (so far)...the Dabble GP! Obviously, there was lots of action to be had, and if you were one of the lucky few chosen to participate in this event, then you know what went down. If you weren't there, don't fret, we've got you covered with all the action.

Check out the transcript and video below:

[Josh Jeans] Go-kart driving is unlike any sport on the planet. It's fueled by adrenaline, action, excitement and unleaded petrol.

[Uncle DG] Still get goosebumps when I hear that two-stroke engine.

[Dane Swan] Heath Shaw, yes he's a dangerous man. He's ferocious, he's angry. I'm a bit apprehensive about getting out there on the road with him.

[Heath Shaw] I live life in the fast lane 24/7. I was born for this.

[Swan] Living in the fast lane is not always what it's cracked up to be. I'm more of a transit lane kind of guy.

[DG] You make the smallest mistake, and your career can end in a heartbeat.

[Swan] Are we, are we still doing this? Okay...

[Annie From Experiences] I'm Annie, I'm the principal at Lord Shaw Racing. I've been the team principal for nearly two hours, I've never seen a GP like this before.

[DG] It's not about winning or losing. It's about winning and also not losing.

[Annie] Go-karting is not for the faint-hearted.

[Swan] The conditions out there...

[Shaw] It's a fast track, obviously.

[Swan] It's tough out there, pretty dry, it's undercover - we're inside.

[Annie] The biggest mistake you can make out on that track is any mistake whatsoever. Just don't make mistakes.

[Jeans] Swan was a legend on the football field, on the go-karting track there are no football fields. It has been said that Heath Shaw is likely the greatest driver to ever hit a go-karting track. Many people, however, have been disputing that and they are probably the ones that are right.

[DG] Drive hard, you drive fast, and you win.

[Annie] We're here to win championships, we're here to win champagne.

[Jeans] If you don't survive, then it is impossible to drive, and driving is imperative when it comes to karting, in fact, driving is probably the most important thing on the go-karting track.

[Shaw] You're gonna drive, you're gonna drive to survive.

If words aren't your thing, check out the video below: