Dabble Best of Banter - Buff and the Morning Crew
App13 Mar 2023

Buff and the Self Appointed “Morning Crew”

It’s the biggest collab since Linkin Park and Jay-Z in “Numb”! The mighty BuffBridges and the “morning crew” get together every Saturday morning for a multi. It’s clear that BuffBridges knows what’s up at Dabble and makes everyone feel a part of the community.

If you’re finding nothing but air instead of nothing but net when trying to sink a few baskets, then why not change it up? And the weekly multi from BuffBridges and co. may just be the gear change you need to stop stalling while driving up hill. How many metaphors can we squeeze into one paragraph? Two, the answer is two.

Dabble’s Banter channels are always filled with Dabblers collaborating with each other, but if you are looking for something more structured, then this is the way to go. You know what you’re going to get – and that’s a Banter collab every Saturday morning. Death, taxes and a collab multi headed by BuffBridges on a Saturday morning are the only certains in life.

By now, you may be asking who exactly Buffbridges is? Well, we’re here to shed some light, so put your sunglasses on. BuffBridges is all about the stats and he specialises in multis. It only takes one look at his profile to see all his pending bets, and it’s multis, multis, multis.

While you’re there having a snoop around, why not check out the highlights as well. There you can see all the great work done by BuffBridges in the past. It’s pretty clear why BuffBridges is the leader of the self-appointed “morning crew”.

So, what are you waiting for? If it’s Saturday morning, head to the Banter channel now! If it’s not Saturday morning, then continue as you were...