Dabble Best of Banter - Dabble is Like Uber
App23 Jun 2023

Dabble is Like Uber

Why is Dabble so darn cool? The app kind of speaks for itself, but if you are new here – WELCOME 👋, we are thrilled to have you here. So, you want to know all the juicy deets about Dabble we hear. For starters, we might just jump straight into it. Dabble is like Uber, other betting platforms are simply Taxi’s, and no one likes Taxi’s, right? That was a bit intense – Apologies, we ain’t here to bring any shade, only love, my dude.

Anyways, we will just let the facts speak for themselves, so here is a list of all the reasons why Dabble is king:

🤣 Banter Channels – Where Vibes and Connection thrive. The Banter channels are just simply irresistible and will have you hooked from the get-go. We have something for everyone – racing, AFL, NRL, whatever tickles your fancy really. And we know what you may be thinking, but it isn’t always betting chat, but also to have some laughs and just take a break from life.

Events – Be Part of Something Extraordinary. Prepare to immerse yourself into once in a lifetime experiences. We may be a little bit biased, but we think our events are the beez kneez. Oh, and our events aren’t simply exclusive to Dabble employees – our Dabbler’s are part of the magic too! Keep your eyes peeled in app to stay up to date with what is to come in the future. 👀

Check out some of the Dabble events we have held in the past, here.

🫶 Community Vibes – One Big Happy Family. Welcome to the warm embrace of the Dabble community – your new fam! After all we are all about the social bet, baby! Community and family means so much to us at Dabble, and we know it means a lot to all of y’all as well, and you are all invited! Also side note – every week we update our Trending Tipster’s section of our website, where we share all of our success stories – check it out!

🧢 Merch – Elevate your Style Game. Listen up, if you love fashion, then you are going to LOVE this one. Trust us when we say our merch is the crème de la crème of the merch game. Wanna learn more? Click this link.

💅 Personalisation – Betting, Curated to Perfection. We kinda like to think that we are the Instagram of betting, and so do our Dabbler’s. Your Dabble profile becomes your canvas to curate and personalise according to your beautiful personality. Let your creativity run wild and showcase your individuality through personalised bets and descriptions. We also love an emoji, so sprinkle them in the Banter channels, comment section, or wherever really.

We could sit here for hours, even days really, giving you reasons as to why we and our Dabbler’s think that Dabble is the best, but we won’t. We don’t cap and you just need to try Dabble out for yourself. Just remember next time when your heading home after a big night on the town, would you book an Uber or catch a Taxi?

Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk our lovelies x