Dabbles AFL Season Preview
App6 Mar 2024

Dabbles AFL Season Preview

Did you hear the news? Well, we sure would hope that you would because the AFL season is ready for kick off in T- 1 day and 9 hours!

So, March has been off to a cracking start, right? NRL and AFL both hitting the ground running earlier than usual – now that is what we call a double whammy of sports goodness! And hey, if you missed out on the Dabble scene last weekend, no sweat, we have got all the deets waiting for ya, just click here.

Anyways, let’s focus on the real MVP here – the footy season! What is in store from yours truly? Well, buckle up because we are your go-to spot for the hottest social betting vibes. 🤪 We have a dedicated AFL banter channel for you to jump into during games and after to chat with other footy lovers, and soak up that game day atmosphere!

Plus, get ready for some seriously cool streams coming your way all season long, featuring ex-AFL stars and experts straight to a Dabble app near you! 🔥 Talking about cool content, check out this video straight from our Instagram feed.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – why is Adam Cooney here? 🤣 But jokes aside, we have rounded up some top-notch footy legends for you to follow and track their bets and multis right here on Dabble!

We are talking Adam Cooney, Dane Swan, and the lord himself, Lord Heath Shaw. We are all about serving up the good stuff, because our Dabblers deserve nothing but the best, and trust us, our Dabblers are the real MVPs of the game! You do not want to miss out on this upcoming footy season on Dabble! 🫶

Don’t have a Dabble account yet? Not to worry, because we are the best, all you need to do is click on this handy dandy link and you can jump into the social betting experience. Oh, and did we mention? We’re the OGs of the Copy Bet feaure – yep, it all started here on Dabble. With just a tap, you can copy the bets of our Big Name Dabblers or fellow users and share that winning feeling. 💸

Until next time, lots of love!