Popular Punters - 80K Followers - TheShark
App11 Sep 2023

80K Followers - TheShark

You guys know, here at Dabble, we love to shine the spotlight on our Popular Punters, but it seems like we have been dragging our fins on this one. No need to apologise for our tardiness, we have just been swamped here at Dabble HQ. But, hey, better late than never, right?

Can you take a wild guess who we are shining the spotlight on today? Okay, we will give you a little hint – it's TheShark 🦈. And, no, we are not talking about those big , scary ocean-dwelling fish. We are talking about a different kind of predator – a Dabbler with a jaw-dropping 80,426 followers in-app! That is right, TheShark has a following that is almost as massive as the great white itself – but, without the sharp teeth. 🦷

Now, you might be wondering, “How on earth did TheShark reel in that many followers?” Well, we are about to spill the fishy beans. Truth be told, even we are scratching our heads. We will just have to have a chat with TheShark to get the inside scoop. Maybe their claim to be “Australia’s favourite horse racing tipster” has something to do with it. 🤭

One thing is for sure – TheShark knows how to craft some fin-tastic bet descriptions. And you what we love? A cracker bet descriptions. So naturally, we are awarding TheShark the Dabble tick of approval.

If you are itching to become e-Besties with TheShark, we totally get it. We would be doing our best Kris Jenner from Ariana Grande’s, “Thank you, Next” too! If you’re into racing, TheShark is where all of the hot action is. Check out their page for a treasure trove of top-notch bets covering all things racing. You are bound to find something that floats your boat – or should we say, something that swims your way? 🌊

Now, here is your very own golden ticket 🎫 to wonderland (aka Dabble), all you gotta do is click the shiny yellow ticket and you are on your way. Jump into banter, join sick livestreams, copy your best mates bets, and create your very own dope Dabble page, just like TheShark. It is all right here waiting for you. Awesome, right? Nuff said!

So, next time you are swimming through the Dabble app, keep an eye out for TheShark’s fin-tastic bets and maybe even give them a follow (if you dare). Who knows, you might just swim into some fin-tastic winnings of your own.

Until next time, and we promise to not leave you hanging for as long as last time. 👋