Popular Punters - 73K Followers - GorillaBetz
App4 Aug 2023

73K Followers - GorillaBetz

Let’s just take a moment of silence... for GorillaBetz!

We gotta say, this article is well overdue because GorillaBetz has been putting in some serious overtime on the Dabble app, building a thriving community of over 73K followers. Talk about being a Dabble OG! We always give credit where credit is due, and GorillaBetz deserves all the props.

To all 73,301 of you who slipped on GorillaBetz banana peel, then you made an epic decision. Proud mom moment for sure – we're feeling like Kris Jenner in Ariana Grande’s music video, “thank-you next.”

Speaking of which, we’re almost tempted to channel our inner Momager and rock a pixie haircut with all this hype we’ve been stirring up. But hey, enough about us – let's get back to the real star of the show.

As one of Dabble’s longest-serving punters, we think GorillaBetz deserves a plaque for their outstanding service (although, Baz from financial declined our proposal – bummer). But hey, shoot for the stars, aim for the moon. Even though the plaque is a no-go we can spill the bananas on what GorillaBetz is all about. 🍌

GorillaBetz loves a trifecta, and dabbling in the horses and dog racing, and of course, hitting it big with a dabble in all types of sports. GorillaBetz always brings the heat with their weekly routine multis, which means there is never a dull moment when GorillaBetz is around.

Now, you may wonder, “How do we know GorillaBetz is the real deal?” It’s simple, really – just check out how many copies their bets receive on their profile wink wink. We did a little bit of digging and we found out what GorillaBetz highest copied bet in Gorilla history is, and do you want to take a guess at what it might be?

2595!! Which is absolutely epic, so if you didn’t believe us, the truth is in the puddin’, baby!

Alright, that’s enough numbers for one day. But we can’t miss the chance to give a massive round of congrats and kudos to GorillaBetz for being such a phenomenal member of our Dabble community and always bringing that positive energy. Keep on shinin’. ✨

If this isn’t enough proof as to why you should definitely give GorillaBetz a follow then we call defeat. 🦍🔥👑

Go on, have a Dabble!