Popular Punters - 66K Followers - TracksideTips
App22 Sep 2023

66K Followers - TracksideTips

OMG! Can you believe the tea we are about to spill? Sit tight, grab a snack, and buckle up because we are about to introduce our newest Popular Punter! Honestly, we should have spilled this tea ages ago, but hey, there are only so many hours in a day, right? 🤔

Yep, if you couldn’t guess who the lucky Dabbler is from the title, it is the one and only TracksideTips. They have been rockin’ it in our Dabble community for a hot minute, often spotted having some bants in the Dabble Racing Banter Channel or dropping their weekly multis and trifecta plays like it’s hot on their profile. 🔥

One of the raddest things about Dabble is that it is not just a betting app; it is a social hub. There are tons of opportunities to chat with other Dabblers, see what bets are causing a buzz, and maybe, just maybe, join the excitement by copying a few bets.

Now, you may be wondering, why you should hop on over to the Dabble app and hit that follow button for TracksideTips? Well, we have got the deets! First off, check out their follower count. It is not big; it’s massive! 😏. We are talking a massive 66,616! Imagine a crowd that huge in real life. Mind blowing!

But hey, it is not all about the numbers; it is about the pizzazz, right? And TracksideTips has both the numbers and the sizzle. They have already graced our website in the past (check out their sizzling Multi Moment here - proving that their actions are as bold as their numbers!

Here is the kicker – not only are TracksideTips’ posted bets top-notch, but our Dabble community thinks so too. A quick glance at their page shows a crazy number of copies. Bravo, TracksideTips! Job well done, we say!

If that is not enough to nudge you toward TracksideTips’ Dabble profile, then we are stumped. But hey, let’s take a moment to bow down to TracksideTips for all their achievements! We are so proud of you sweetie – seriously we are channelling our inner Kris Jenner right now. 👀

Guess what time it is? Do we really need to spell it out? After reading this article, you are probably itching to join the Dabble fam (if you haven’t already)! So, we have whipped up a handy-dandy link to help you create your very own Dabble account. Don’t miss out we promise you won’t regret it!