Popular Punters - 59K Followers - TheRoughieKing
App30 Oct 2023

59K Followers - TheRoughieKing

We have got a shiny new addition to the Dabble villa! Our Popular Punters villa is brimming with the hottest Dabblers on our app right now, and it is about to welcome its 20th member.

Drumroll please (because we like to be extra)… Introducing TheRoughieKing 👑

You may be wondering what makes TheRoughieKing so special? Well, they are an OD (Original Dabbler) who has been with us since day one! That’s a remarkable achievement in itself if you ask us. We are not all about numbers over here!

At this very moment of us writing this article, TheRoughieKing boasts a following of 59,721 – you can imagine that whenever you are reading this cracker article, that they would have gained an extra couple of followers. It might even be more than a couple... who knows. 🤷

We are proud to say that our newest Dabbler has one of the most fantastic followings on the app. Our community spirit is on fire, and watching Dabblers created their own communities warms our hearts. Proud mom moment!

Here is a testament to that statement: TheRoughieKing’s profile is teeming with bets, and they have collected a massive number of copies (we wonder what their total number of copy bets is?). Copy Bet just happens to be one of our favourite features, and yes before you ask, we are the home of the original Copy Bet! Being a copycat is absolutely okay in our books. 🤝

Curious about their last winning bet? With the NBA season in full swing, their last same game multi was a nail-biter: Mavericks V Spurs. An impressive 80 Dabblers copied this bet, which means 80 of you got to share in TheRoughieKing’s winning feeling. Wowowewa, indeed.

Who will be the next Dabbler to join the Popular Punters villa. That is a secret that you will have to stay tuned to discover. But if you can’t wait, fire up your Dabble app on your phone and do some sleuthing. Simply tap into the Search tab on the Dabble app, and you can browse suggested profiles. Pretty cool, right? Or you can just click here and read the rest of our Popular Punter articles. 🫶

Want to be part of TheRoughieKing’s team? If we were in the villa, we would definitely want to pull them for a chat. But hey, it is a free country after all. If you want to choose the winning side, open your Dabble app and give them a follow.