Popular Punters - 30K Followers - TracksideTrav
App19 Oct 2023

30K Followers - TracksideTrav

It is Spring Carnival time babyyy! You know what that means – we are in the best mood ever! 🎉 And guess what? We are here to introduce our newest Popular Punter, stepping into the most awesome corner of the internet. Drumroll, please... Let’s give it up for Trackside Trav!

Whoa, TracksideTrav, huge congratulations are in order! This is epic and super exciting. We mean, who wouldn’t want their very own article written about them? (We know we would!) Plus, if you have made it to the Popular Punters section, you’re practically a celebrity in our Dabble universe (just kidding, we love all of our Dabblers. 🏩

Now, for those of you who might not be acquainted with TracksideTrav (seriously, where have you been?), let us do the honours of introducing this sports aficionado. They have got a certified following of 30K here on the Dabble app (30,584 and counting), and they love to Dabble in a bit of Tennis, Cricket, and AFL baby! Talk about a stellar lineup – move over, because TracksideTrav has just entered the chat!

But wait, there is more! TracksideTrav is not just about dabbling in sports; they also know a thing or two about racing (well, we certainly hope so). If you pop open the dabble app on your phone (for those who don’t have Dabble yet, hold on tight until the end of this article), take a peek at their profile – we highly recommend it, we promise it won’t disappoint.

TracksideTrav has a whole bunch of cracker multis to explore. And, if you are feeling a bit cheeky, why not hit that copy bet button? After all, Dabble is the proud home of the Copy bet feature, and it would be rude not to give it a whirl (always gamble responsibly, though). One of their pending bets already has 21 copies 👀.

At the end of the day, there are sports betting apps and then there is Dabble – need we say more? We've got an awesome bunch of Big Name Dabblers, and of course, an awesome bunch of you guys - our Dabbler’s 4 lyf. If it weren’t for our cool Dabblers, then we wouldn’t have a job 🤣. Remember, Dabble is all about those community vibes, so go on, be a good Samaritan and share the good vibes.

Okay, we promised to give you the DL if you don’t already have a Dabble account. Well, we have made it super simple for you to create your very own personalised Dabble account. All you need to do is hit this handy dandy link and voila. You never know your luck in a big city, you might even gend up with your very own article written about you. 🌟