Popular Punters - 25K Followers - Biggmarn
App25 Jun 2023

25K Followers - Biggmarn

If you are a UFC and boxing fanatic, then Biggmarn is a name you should be familiar with 🤨. Biggmarn is a pretty big deal if you ask us, and has taken the Dabbleverse by storm, capturing the hearts of Dabbler’s near and far, with their undeniable passion for the game. And, guess what? Biggmarn has hit the absolute jackpot over here at Dabble and has finally made it to our Popular Punter’s section! Yay!

We were honoured to feature Biggmarn on our website before (if you haven’t check out their epic multi that went bang, check it out here). But, that didn’t stop Biggmarn that is for sure, and they are back and better than EVER before, breaking records and reaching a remarkable milestone of followers. Talk about an absolute slayyy!

For rookie punters looking for a place to start, Biggmarn is your OD*. Whether you are seeking some banter or trying to become the next Dabble underdog, we are sure that Biggmarn has a few tips and tricks for you, so don’t walk, run over to their profile!

At Dabble, we strongly believe in the power of unity and collective strength 💪. Maybe we should make our tagline “we are stronger together than alone” (haha, sorry not sorry to “Say Hey to the Social Bet” - you are done (only joking)). Biggmarn is a true advocate of this quote and that is why we have so much love for you 🫶. Biggmarn’s success is a testament to the power of collaboration and the sense of community that is fostered here at Dabble. We will give ourselves a little pat on the back for that!

But, guys, it is not all about the numbers and victories – it is all about the journey (we have just been delivering the inspirational vibes today 🤠). Biggmarn’s journey is not just their own, we are all in this together and we are in for the long haul! All eyes are on you now Biggmarn.

So, in true Dabble fashion, let’s get this bread baby! With Biggmarn leading the way, we are confident that great things are on the horizon. Their expertise, dedication, and genuine love for the game has allowed for an extremely bright future. And just a reminder @Biggmarn - “Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon”. RIP Pop Smoke 💜

Anyways, congrats Biggmarn you are a true star in our eyes. To the rest of y’all, if you are not part of the world’s best social betting platform, then we highly suggest that you jump on board the Dabble train. All aboard 🚂.

Keep being cool Dabblers, lots of love.

*Original Dabbler, btw we thought this was pretty dope 🤘.