Popular Punters - 24K Followers - TheMockSports
App27 Nov 2023

24K Followers - TheMockSports

Hey there, Dabblers! We have got some serious news to share, and trust us, you don’t want to miss this! Hold up while we grab our purple Dabble microphone – it is about to get real!

TheMockSports jus thit the jackpot and have landed themselves a very prestigious spot in the Popular Punter’s zone. This calls for a celebration, dudes. But, what is even more cooler? They are part of the OD gang! For the uninitiated, OD = Original Dabbler. Yeah, that is some breaking news right here, folks!

As one of Dabble’s longest-serving punters, we think TheMockSports deserves a plaque for their outstanding service (although, Baz from financial declined our proposal – bummer). But hey, shoot for the stars, aim for the moon. Even though the plaque is a no-go we can still spill the beans on what they are all about. Here is a lil summary that we put together, especially for TheMockSports.

  • First off, they are all about the horses, babyyy!

  • Then, they like to think of themselves as AFL specialists.

  • And guess what? They are just two mates, tipping like pros!

Okay, round of quick questions – what is the most wicked thing about Dabble? Got your answer? Okay, the answer is: Copy Bets, baby! And, what is even more special is that TheMockSports is serving up some absolute gems on their feed. Feeling fancy? Go ahead, copy those bets! They are also chilling in the Banter channels sometimes, so why not slide in and say hey?

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there - they even have their very own feature right here on our website under our Big Name Dabblers – must be nice 🙄. We are totally joking, you guys know that we need to give credit where credit is due. If you want to check them all out then all you need to do is click right here.

According to their Big Name Dabbler tile their total number of copy bets in TheMockSports history is sitting at a whopping 73,321! Wow, is right! We have no time to waste, brb, while we figure out how TheMockSports got so cool. 😎

Now, some might say that we like to leave the best until last, but we would beg to differ. If you haven’t already, then we totes think you should maybe just maybe head on over to the Dabble App and give them a follow. Wouldn’t that be totally rad. Don’t have an account, well think of us as your very own Fairy Godmother – here is a magical sign-up link!

Until next time, sending peace and love from your favourite. x