Popular Punters - 15K Followers - DaneSwan36
App30 May 2023

15K Followers - DaneSwan36

Welcome to another edition of Dabble's Popular Punters. Here we take you through all the Dabblers on the app that are pretty spesh and have amassed a large following. They could be major tipsters in the game, or sports stars, or anyone really – as long as they've got a decent following, you'll find them here.

We know, we know, there's a lot of Popular Punters on the app, but only a handful have been covered here on the website. Well, there's only so many words we can type in a single day – cut us a little bit of slack pleaseeeee. We deserve some downtime too, right? We can't be writing 24/7, there's other important things we need to do in our lives, like watch sport and ignore texts from our Mum.

Eventually we will catch up and cover all the Popular Punters on Dabble, one step at a time, we will get there one day (we hope...)! And today we're here to talk about a former AFL star, Dane Swan, or DaneSwan36, as he goes by on the Dabble app.

So, what makes DaneSwan36 so popular? Obviously, there are many things, did we mention he is a former AFL star? And you would expect a former AFL star to place a lot of bets on the AFL, right? Yep, right! Gold star for you, wear it with pride.

DaneSwan36 is very active in the app, you'll almost always find pending bets on his profile, and you can also find him on a Live Stream, if you're lucky. And what's better? He loves a multi. Actually, who doesn't love a good multi to get your blood pumping?! Multis seem to be Swanny's bread and butter.

We know he is already a Popular Punter, but if you haven't followed him yet, there is no better time than the present. The AFL season is kicking into overdrive, and there are many awesomely awesome bets to be made!

AFL not your thing? Well, important question – are you even Australian if you don't like the AFL? Other than that - it's okay, we'll forgive you. And you'll still have a good time on DaneSwan36's profile, because it's not just all about the AFL. He also likes to dabble on the NBA (see what we did there...).

Now, if you don't like the AFL OR the NBA – then we're sorry to say but there is definitely something wrong with you. And we can't really help you overcome your condition. But if you like one or both of these sports, then we can certainly help you, and that help comes in the form of DaneSwan36.

So, there should be nothing holding you back now! Check our DaneSwan36's profile, all his highlights and latest bets, so you can judge his betting skills, just like we all judged his AFL skills when he was playing. If you're asking us, 10/10, would recommend!