Popular Punters - 154K Followers - LordHeathShaw
App10 May 2023

154K Followers - LordHeathShaw

If we are going to talk about Popular Punters, then we must talk about the most popular in all the land – LordHeathShaw. It’s a fitting username, isn’t it? You may know Heath Shaw from that guy who smothered that ball that one time in the AFL. But since his glory days in the AFL, he has certainly made a name for himself on Dabble.

At the time of writing, the great LordHeathShaw boasts 154,356 followers (so you can judge how long it takes between us writing these words and when the article gets approved and goes live on the site by how many new followers the great man has).

Clearly being number one comes easy to LordHeathShaw, as his profile description attests to, "you have to be odd to be number one". So, what has he done to amass a following that could rival Selena Gomez? Well, we are sure that smother in the AFL Grand Final certainly helped, but there's certainly more than that.

Dabble and LordHeathShaw are one in the same, you cannot have one without the other. He is everywhere – you can catch LordHeathShaw on Dabble's Live Streams almost weekly – he is a busy man you know; he can't commit every week! You can also find him at a variety of Dabble Events, most recently at the Dabble GP.

You're probably wondering, has being the most followed Dabbler on the app gone to his head? Well, yep that's a pretty safe bet. We don't want to give him any more ammo to boast about it around the office, so why are we even writing this article in the first place?

insert feelings of instant regret here

Nahhh, we're just kidding (kind of). If you want to follow LordHeathShaw, you can. It's a free country, so you can do whatever you want. But just know how much pain and suffering the other Dabble employees will have to endure when it comes to the constant boasting...

We're sure he will throw himself a party once he cracks the 200K mark. Maybe we should get him to send a piece of cake and a personalised message to all of his followers? But at the end of the day, he is still number one for a reason.

Want to see all the reasons why? Well, check out his profile! There you can see all his upcoming and recent bets, along with all his highlights (not AFL highlights, betting highlights). And honestly, who better to follow when betting on the AFL then a former AFL star?

Okay, job done...can we talk about someone else now, pleaseeeeee? Next up, the man that's giving LordHeathShaw a run for his money, AndrewBogut. So, where do your allegiances lie, footy or basketball?